Jennifer Anne Clark, M.Ed.

Educational Consultant and Advocate, p3 Productions, LLC

Meet the owner:
Jenni Clark, M.Ed.

Jenni Clark, M.Ed, 
is a Professional Development Specialist who has worked with people across many industries and through all age and skill levels to help them achieve a desired outcome through education, experience, and training. 

A main focus is to help those with special needs be heard and included in the adult community, and helping the community to embrace and support each other in this mission. Peer mentoring is also very important, because when we help and teach others, we too learn and gain valuable experience. Creating a community support system will help our local economy and improve quality of life for all.

Jenni Clark has a Masters in Education and is grateful to the following NJ Women Owned Businesses through which she has provided educational opportunities in recent years throughout NJ and eastern PA: 
- TNT Educational Services
- Achieving Excellence

Jenni holds her certificate to teach in the state of NJ, and maintains current license and background checks with the above companies and
- Hunterdon Central Regional HS
- RVCC Office of Continuing Education

In addition, Jenni is certified as a Professional Development Specialist through the Council for Professional Recognition.
In 2017 she also obtained certification as an Evaluation Specialist for Community-Based Work Evaluations for the NJDOL and as an administrator for the College of Direct Support and an Employment Specialist through the Boggs Center in New Brunswick, NJ

Who am I? 

Somebody who:

- Values education and learning

- Wants to hear everyone's voice

- Solves problems and helps people find answers

- Throws a great party (event management is my guilty pleasure?)

- Understands the value of promotion and support

- Gets to the other side and looks ahead to next year

- Establishes a strong foundation but allows space for creativity

- Helps find the good and be the good

- Is not afraid to try. And fail. And try again.

- Does not suffer as a victim, but helps others as a survivor.