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Be the Good

Posted by Jennie Clark, M.A.Ed, P.D.S, Professional Learning Consultant on November 9, 2017 at 2:20 PM Comments comments ()

Everyone has a voice, but not everyone knows how to use it. Children need nurturing teachers to help them find the best way to speak up for what they want or need. As infants we do not have the vocabulary, so we cry. As youths we do not have the collection of appropriate phrases, so we lash out at playmates and call them colorful names like ‘poopyhead’ and push them down. As teens and young adults we need to learn who we are to understand what we want, and then need to learn about others around us, not always being able to squelch the emotional demons to make mature choices that help the team and don’t harm others. As parents or managers, a fountain of new experiences that we now need to lead others through, and everyone needs help learning how to motivate and support and reminders and suggestions for what to do and what not to do. 

In addition, I have many concerns about how we are treating one another. So many catch phrases being tossed around, but when it comes down to it, the foundation has to be love and the structure we should build needs to include communication, compassion, trust, and commitment. This may not seem to have relevance in the workplace, but I very much identify with my career and am well-aware that the majority of my waking hours are spent focused on earning a paycheck and I do NOT want to spend those hours trapped in a toxic work environment. I have been extremely blessed to be a part of many different work dynamics - large companies, small private businesses, corporate and non-profit, ideal and not.

I hope to resume my journey as a speaker and writer with this focus and expand on these and other ideas to help improve work and family experiences where I can. 

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Jenni Clark is now a Professional Development Specialist for the C.D.A.

Posted by Jennie Clark, M.A.Ed, P.D.S, Professional Learning Consultant on November 18, 2014 at 9:50 AM Comments comments ()


Jenni Clark, M.A.Ed, is now a certified Child Development Associate Professional Development (PD) Specialist and can conduct CDA Verification Visits™ on behalf of The Council for Professional Recognition. Contact the CDA to arrange for a site visit. She is also available for consultations and support throughout the CDA process for interested candidates. Conatct today for more information!