Jennifer Anne Clark, M.Ed.

Educational Consultant and Advocate, p3 Productions, LLC

I am somebody.

Somebody who will help your voice be heard. 

Somebody who cares about the outcome and the journey.

Somebody who makes a difference.

- Career pathways for recent HS graduates

- Main Street Model of Community Employment

- Person Centered Approach to Student Transitions

- IEP consultant and support for transition to HS and adult

- Speaker for diversity and inclusion in the workplace

- Trainer for 'soft skills' and social/communication skills

- Career exploration and job sampling




College of Direct Support:
Trainings available for DDD Direct Support Provider courses. Jenni Clark is an administrator for the College of Direct Support.

Continuing Education for Educators:
Focus on inclusion in your classroom, promote creative thinking, problem solving skills, and independence by allowing self-direction and accountability. Jenni can help establish classroom routines that develop autonomy and self-advocacy among your students while building student confidence and resilience.