Jennifer Anne Clark, M.Ed.

Educational Consultant and Advocate, p3 Productions, LLC

I am somebody.

Somebody who will help your voice be heard. 

Somebody who cares about the outcome and the journey.

Somebody who makes a difference.

- Career pathways for recent HS graduates

- Main Street Model of Community Employment

- Person Centered Approach to Student Transitions

- IEP consultant and support for transition to HS and adult

- Speaker for diversity and inclusion in the workplace

- Trainer for 'soft skills' and social/communication skills

- Career exploration and job sampling




College of Direct Support:
Trainings available for DDD Direct Support Provider courses. Jenni Clark is an administrator for the College of Direct Support.

Continuing Education for Early Childhood Educators:
The teachers from the Magic Kingdom Day Care Center and the Little Friends of Jesus Child Care Center recently completed the course, Language and Literacy in the Preschool Classroom. They earned C.E.U. credits with certificates through the RVCC Office of Advancement. Future courses are planned soon!